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Artist & Testimonials


Sir Angel Romero

Hailed as one of the Finest Classical Guitar Players in History

"It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend the guitars made by Tom Malapanis. Since I was first introduced to them I have enjoyed the tone quality, sweetness, projection and over all balance of his guitars. They are as beautiful and powerful as my finest Hauser's, Fleta's or Miguel Rodriguez guitars. They respond extremely well to all I ask of them in my performances. I have played them in concert and have had great success with them."


Rafael Padron

Professor of Guitar Miami University of Music and Concert Artist

We were in San Francisco, GFA 2008, and I was asked to try an incredible instrument made by the Luthier Tom Malapanis. After playing the instruments for a while, there are no words to describe my feelings. This instrument reproduced the musical ideas I have in my mind, in other words, it sounded the way I was dreaming. I still remember what I was playing: Adelita, Sueno ( mazurka). and of course,  the Recuerdos de la Alhambra by the great Francisco Tarrega. I have never had this sensation before playing a guitar. What a great instrument!!!! It is powerful, but delicate at the same time, it gives me what I want to hear. The Spanish repertoire... it sounds the way it should be.


Orlando Roman

Professor of Guitar St. Marys College Maryland and Concert Artist

The guitars made by Tom Malapanis are excellent! They possess everything you can desire in a concert instrument. The sound of his instruments are rich and have a depth, volume and clarity found in the best guitars made in the world today, reminiscent of the greatest Spanish guitars of old. I recommend his instruments to anyone looking for a serious concert instrument.


Johannes Rinker

Classical Guitarist and Teacher in Wien Austria

"Tom Malapanis' guitar became a real find for me. This guitar has all I am expecting from an outstanding instrument. Beautiful lyrical voice, clarity, volume, projection, colours, separation and great balance. As an advocate of modern guitar construction, it was Tom's guitar that made me rediscover and appreciate the traditional design. His guitar incorporates all the virtues of the great spanish style, without sacrifing the response and volume I am used to from modern guitars. I am very proud of my Malapanis guitar. Thank you Tom."


Pablo Cohen

Head of Classical Guitar Program at Ithaca College

"With more that 35 years of experience and having performed on very good guitars, I can say that Tom Malapanis guitars are high quality instruments built with care and beautiful craftsmanship. I performed on a Malapanis guitar at some chamber music concerts with ensembles, and at halls that require significant volume and presence. This guitar responded extremely well projecting a beautiful tone and a powerful sound through the ensemble. I believe, that Malapanis guitars can easily be an alternative to the double-top guitars. It projects as much, but with a more traditional sound and a beautiful voice."


Peter White

Award-Winning Jazz Guitarist Famous as a member in the Al Stewart Band

"I was very impressed by the high quality of Tom's guitars. They all have their own character and presence. The one I chose complimented my style perfectly and has become a part of my sound! Thanks Tom!"


Mark DelPriora

Co-Chair of Guitar Department, Manhattan School of Music

"The guitars of Thomas Malapanis are beautifully constructed and project extraordinarily well. The tone of Tom's guitars - even the new ones - is deep, mature and lyrical. They are eminently playable and responsive to the touch, offering a kaleidoscope of colors for the asking. They are very well balanced, too, providing a great workspace and playground for the guitarist's art. It is clear to me that Malapanis guitars are among the best to be had.They are a joy to play!"


Angel Romero

My Friend Angel

"Tom is a maker of extreme and rare quality," Angel Romero says. "He really is very innovative, and the instruments he produces - like the one I have - well, there's not another instrument that could push it to the side in the concert hall.Add News Story here


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George Farion


"The guitar is everything I wanted it to be and more. The guitar's sustain, balance and tone is beautiful. Projection is powerful as I mentioned before. I played inferior cheaper classicals my whole life. What a big big mistake. When I used to play something on my old guitar, I could play the piece technically correct , but, it never really sounded right. Now, it's like someone waved a magic wand on me and things sound great and professional. Since I play a lot, it really did change my life so to speak. Besides the sound  and projection, the fretboard, frets and balance are completely a major step up. I am glad  that I took the  step to get your gutiar and  look forward to many more years of playing this impressive instrument."

Kennon Shea


"I have heard much from my son John Kennon about your guitars. After a long time looking at and studying classical guitars, he is very excited about acquiring one of your guitars, and (in his taste) especially this particular one. This choice is important to us, as we have been a professional musical family for four generations. Thank you for taking the time and effort to craft such good custom instruments. It is great to come across someone who is striving to make a musical work of art. I encourage you to continue to make them to the very best of your ability."

Hal Burrough


"When I was looking for a new classical guitar recently, I was very fortunate to come across the guitars of Tom Malapanis. I tried everything from crossover instruments by great steel string luthiers to the best concert classical instruments, experiencing some wonderful guitars along the way. I have yet to play a new guitar that has the level of sonic beauty, power and distinct character that the Malapanis guitar I have possesses. It is also handsome and timeless in its design. I feel very lucky to have it. Thank you for your artistry and craftsmanship Tom."

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