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Thomas Malapanis is a classical guitar luthier of rare skill and passion. His instruments have found their way into the hands of some of the worlds premier performers, Angel Romero, Eliot Fisk, Peter White, and Mark DelPriora to name a few. For Malapanis, belief suffuses his practice of his craft and his craft is an expression of his belief.

Malapanis classical guitars are hand crafted in his workshop located on the same property as the family home in Palmer, Alaska. When building, precise attention to detail is critical to the construction of each instrument, though " Tom's focus is solely centered on sound. His classical guitar designs are timeless works of art. All woods are carefully chosen to achieve the precise tone, sonority, timbre and balance required to produce a concert quality classical guitar. Malapanis classical guitars are individually hand crafted in the old world, traditional, Spanish way. "Tom is a maker of extreme and rare quality," Angel Romero says. "He really is very innovative, and the Instruments he produces - like the one I have - well, there's not another Instrument that could push it to the side in the concert hall."

A Malapanis classical guitar is a work of love and a tangible representation of his passion for the artistry of fine classical guitar. Malapanis stresses that to build a fine classical guitar is a balancing act, a dance of countervailing stresses and demands. While the process remains mysterious to him, the source of his inspiration does not. When asked by prominent luthiers and famous musicians, "how do you achieve the quality of sound you are getting," Malapanis answers "I believe that God has gifted me."

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